Rubble Removal in Stellenbosch

The Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company provides professional and fairly priced rubble removal and related services in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas such as Somerset West, Strand, and Gordon’s Bay.

Fast and Effective Rubble Removal in Stellenbosch

If you need help with rubble removal in Stellenbosch and the areas that surround it, you need to look no further than Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company. We can take care of your garden refuse, your business wastes, and building rubble with ease. We make the process of removal of these refuse items easy and simple. When we are done, you will not even know that the rubble used to be there. If you are looking for rubble removal in Stellenbosch, contact us for a free quote today!

Homeowners in Stellenbosch need to be aware that this municipality does not offer garden waste services. This means that garden and landscaping wastes can be a big problem for those who engage in yard care on a regular basis or for those with a complete landscape revision process on the horizon. This volume of yard debris cannot be used as garden refuse or compost by most homeowners.

What Is Rubble Removal?

One of the major issues with rubble removal is that anyone with a truck thinks they can do it. While theoretically, this is true, it takes a bit more than that. One needs to have the right sized vehicle and equipment for the job as well as the skills and experience to do it quickly and efficiently. 

There is also the matter of where the removed rubble is deposited. This generally costs money so many service providers try to cut corners and dump the rubble illegally. This is bad for the environment and the community. It is not something you want to be part of. 

Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company is fully compliant and pays to depot any material in a legal and safe manner. This adds a bit to the cost but is the responsible thing to do.

Let Us Take Care of Your Rubble Removal Needs

You have all kinds of other things to do with your day, and you don’t have time to take care of a big yard waste cleanup project. That’s okay because we can help! Let the team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance take care of your rubble removal needs with ease. 

These are the services that we can offer to those who reside in Stellenbosch:

  • Mixed Rubble Removal
  • Garage Cleanout Waste Removal
  • Garden Refuse Pick Up and Removal (includes leaves, grass, tree debris, and tree stumps)
  • Building Material Wastes (includes sand, stone, gravel, cement, drywall materials, and sheetrock wastes. Also includes concrete, tiles and paving materials, and roofing materials)

Affordable Rubble Removal You Can Count on in Stellenbosch

Stellenburg Property Maintenance Company takes pride in offering competitive and fair pricing to our clients. You will be able to secure a quote from us as soon as you reach out. If you accept our quote, we will be happy to schedule a date to come and help you get your yard back to looking its best right away. You can count on us!

Other Services:

Locations We Currently Service:

  • Stellenbosch
  • Somerset West
  • Strand
  • Gordon’s Bay
Rubble Removal in Stellenbosch | Stellenberg Prop

Get reliable rubble removal services in Stellenbosch from Stellenberg Prop. We handle all your debris removal needs efficiently. Contact us today!

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