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The Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company provides professional and fairly priced handyman and related services in Somerset West.

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Do you have a long list of things that need to be repaired, replaced, or cleaned up on your property? Are you tired of the leaky sink, that squeaky floorboard, or the places where the caulking is coming loose in your bathrooms?

Many homeowners can think of lots of small things that need to be done to repair items on their property but lack the time or the know-how to take care of them on their own. If this sounds like your situation, the team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance can help! We have years of experience working on general handyman services and repairs for our Somerset West clients. We are reliable and professional and do a great job on repairs, both big and small.

Regular Maintenance Services

All properties need regular maintenance of various kinds. Our professional handyman service can help you to get the jobs done correctly, no matter how complicated or how simple they are. Having work done for you by a company with low standards or trying to figure out how to repair something on your own can lead to costly mistakes. We can take care of your repair needs right the first time and get your home back to its former glory in one simple visit.

Things like leaky faucets, broken fence boards, or basic maintenance to keep your property looking its best are easy for us to tackle. We offer affordable pricing and reliable service as well. We will never leave you waiting around all day for a handyman to arrive, and we will make sure not to step on your routine while we are working on or around your home. You can also schedule routine services with us if you want to be sure that nothing on your property ever falls into disrepair.

Hiring a skilled handyman will save you time and money and can make the difference between a happy and healthy home and one that has an increasing list of neglected items that are mounting up. Overall, you will save lots of money every year by caring for your home whenever something crops up that you will be waiting until there is a long list of issues that need attention.

Skilled Repair and Maintenance Services in Strand

At Stellenberg Property Maintenance, we never send anyone to a customer’s property who is not prepared to handle the job in a timely manner and with professionalism. Our team is highly skilled and very good at what they do. You can trust us to provide skilled and competent services for any issue that you need to be handled around your property.

We know that you’re busy, so we make it easy to schedule services at times that work for you. We are affordably priced as well, and we take your call seriously. We are eager to provide services to our customers in Somerset West, and we ensure that you can count on us for prompt service no matter how big or small the job. Contact us today and let us take care of all of your handyman services needs right away!

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