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If you have a home or business that has suffered damage from a water leak, you might be feeling really stressed right now. Even worse, sometimes the water leak is not obvious, and it can be tough to know where the problem has originated. You don’t want to tear down all of your ceilings or your walls looking for the leak, but what else can you do?

Thankfully, the team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company can be trusted to come to your location and figure out where the leak is coming from and get it stopped. We can then work with you to provide a bid for the repairs that will be needed to get your home or business back to its former condition before the leak caused damage. You can trust us to provide prompt and reliable services that will not break the bank when you have a leak to contend with.

Prompt and Correct Diagnosis of Leaks

We can be counted upon to come to your location and figure out exactly where the leak is coming from right away. We will not leave you hanging for days or bring in various different people to try and figure out where the leak is coming from. We will also do the minimum when it comes to removing material from walls or flooring to look for the source of the leak.

Common culprits for leaks are plumbing in the ceiling or the walls, hot water heaters, and things like washing machines. We will also be able to assess the health of your boiler and see if this is the reason that you are noticing excess water consumption or moisture staining the walls or flooring. You can count on us to track down the leak and get it taken care of promptly.

We Can Offer Diagnoses and Solutions

If you have been struggling to figure out where a leak is coming from, we can help! Once we have found the location of the leak, we can then move on to offering support for the repair of the leak. We offer transparent and fair bids for these kinds of jobs so that you can see what we are going to need to do in order to repair the leak. We will try to stay within your unique budget, and we can offer creative fixes if the area of your property is going to continue to be a problem due to issues that caused the leak in the first place.

We can offer you caring and effective leak-detection services in Stellenbosch. Contact us today and let the team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company take care of all of your water leak issues promptly!

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