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The Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company provides professional and fairly priced solar installation services in Somerset West.

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Professional Solar Installations in Somerset West

Solar power has never been cheaper to access. There are so many different kinds of solar power systems on the market these days that you can easily get the benefits of this technology for your home or business. Being able to protect your ability to access power can be highly beneficial, even if you have ready access to the power grid. Power outages and other challenges can create issues with your power supply unless you have access to solar power on your property.

Whether you are completely dependent on solar power at your location or not, our skilled team can offer you access to solar power installation services that you can trust. We offer transparent quotes, competitive pricing, and skilled installation services that you can count on.

Components of a Quality Solar System

There are some key components to any effective solar installation that home and business owners should be aware of. We will help you to pick out the right panels and components to create the ideal solar power system for your location. The parts of an efficient solar power installation are:

  • Enough solar panels to capture the necessary amount of light to create energy. These panels also need to be directed in the right way to capture the sun’s rays throughout the year.
  • A battery which is used to store electricity for when it is needed. These might be good for a small amount of power savings or a very large amount of storage, depending on your needs.
  • An inverter, which is used to convert the DC power stored in your batteries into AC power to be used in your home or at your business. There are various kinds of inverters, and we can help you pick the right one for your solar panel arrangement.
  • A charging regulator that is used to control the current coming from the solar panel setup on your property. There are also various ways that these can be configured and used, and we can help you to select the right components for your solar panels.
  • The final item that you need for your panel setup is the proper cabling, which we provide for each of our installation services.

These basic components are included in every solar system installation that we complete, but there are many different brands and design options that are available for your system. We will help you to create the ideal solar panel installation for your goals.

Working With a Skilled Installation Team Matters

If you are looking to install solar power on your property, you can count on our team to provide you with a transparent quote and the installation expertise necessary to do the job right. We can install solar power systems of all sizes and can customize the system that we install for your unique specifications. We treat our customers like family and ensure that they get access to the solar power that they need to maintain their property with ease.

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