Inverter Sales Stellenbosch

Inverter Sales Stellenbosch

At Stellenberg Property Maintenance, you can count on us to help you pick the right inverter for your home solar power system. We have the years of experience that you need access to in order to select the proper device for your home solar needs. 

Solar systems are an ideal way to back up power grid use and can be the only option for properties that don’t have access to the power grid. Having the right inverter is essential to truly making the most of your solar power system and having power when you need it most.

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Why Do I Need an Inverter?

Solar inverters work by converting variable direct current (DC current) from your solar panels into alternating, or AC current. You might have a solar system that is set up to store the DC power in batteries for later use. In these systems, the stored power still needs to be converted into AC current when it is pulled from the battery.

An inverter is a key part of any solar system. It doesn’t matter if you use your solar power only in emergencies when the power grid is down. You will still need an inverter to make it possible to utilize the power that your solar system is creating for you.

Kinds of Inverters

There are various kinds of inverters that you might need for your solar system. Getting the right inverter is essential. This is why you will need the help of a skilled and experienced team to help you pick the right option for your solar setup.

 Battery inverters are used when you keep the battery associated with your solar system apart from the system itself. This is a common setup for those who also have access to the regular power grid and are using solar for backup.

Central inverters are used for homes or properties which require kilowatts or megawatts of power. Typically, these inverters are never used in home solar systems.

Hybrid inverters are becoming increasingly common for home use. This inverter uses DC coupling to make it possible for your solar panels to charge a battery, and then the inverter allows for the charging and discharging of the battery.

Microinverters are very small, usually about the size of a book. These are used to work with single solar panels individually. This is not a common type of inverter, but it can be perfect in some system arrangements.

String inverters are the last kind of inverter, and they are the most common for use in residential systems. A string of solar panels is often connected to them, hence their name.

Working With a Skilled Inverter Sales Team Matters

If you are considering installing a home or commercial solar system or you are looking at ways to make your existing solar power system work better, you can count on the team from Stellenbosch Property Maintenance. We can offer you guidance to help you select the right inverter for your solar power system to protect its longevity and effectiveness. 

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