Inverter Sales In Somerset West

If you are looking to install a solar panel system or you need to improve or upgrade your existing system, you will need to add a quality inverter to your setup. This is one of the many solar products that we can offer to our customers. No matter what size your solar setup is, we have the components that you need to make sure it works perfectly.

Inverter Sales in Somerset West

Inverters are an essential aspect of all solar panel systems. Without an inverter, you cannot utilize the power that is created by your solar panels, rendering them useless to you. We can help you to add the perfect inverter to your setup to get the most out of your solar panel system.

What Does An Inverter Do?

The inverter in your solar panel setup allows you to use the power that your solar panels make. Solar panels create power in DC (direct current) form. This form of current cannot be used in your home or business. The inverter that you add to your solar power system will convert the DC power into AC (alternating current) power so that it can be used. There are various kinds of inverters that can be selected for your power setup so that you can get the most from your solar panel installation. 

The kind of inverter that you pick is key to the function of your panels. Whether you are using your solar panels every day to generate power inside your home or business or you are just allowing them to collect power for use in an emergency, you will need the right inverter to be able to utilize the power they are making. 

Kinds of Inverters

Picking the right inverter is important. Knowing more about each kind of inverter can help you to shop wisely and to understand the advice of your installation team.

Battery inverters are used when you keep the battery storage part of your installation away from the solar panels themselves. This is a fairly common arrangement in backup power systems.

Central inverters are designed for panel systems that create kilowatts or megawatts of power. Typically, these inverters are reserved for commercial use only.

Hybrid inverters are becoming increasingly common. This inverter type uses DC coupling to allow your solar panels to charge a battery. The inverter then allows for the charging and discharging of the battery.

Microinverters are very small. They are usually about the size of a book. These inverters are connected to each individual solar panel. This can be a convenient solution for some panel systems.

String inverters are the most common kind of inverter for home use. These are connected to a string of installed panels, hence their name.

Working With a Skilled Inverter Sales Team Makes a Difference

If you are in the market for a new inverter or you are looking to add solar power to your home or business, you need to work with our skilled inverter sales team. We are experts in our field and can help you get access to the right inverter for any kind of solar panel system.

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