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The Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company provides professional and fairly priced gardening services in Stellenbosch and surrounding areas such as Somerset West, Strand, and Gordon’s Bay.

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Expert Gardening Services in Stellenbosch

If you want to install a garden or a beautiful yard at your home or office, we can help! The team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company can help you to create the perfect garden or yard. You deserve the best for the landscaping and gardening services that you contract out. Creating a beautiful garden or yard is a matter of pride for us.

We can offer you commercial and residential gardening services to make sure that your property looks its best all year long. Winter gardening is different than summer gardening, and we can offer you services for each season. You can also count on us to remove leaves, clean up garden beds, and maintain garden bed areas.

Planning New Spaces With Expertise

We can do much more than maintain your garden. If you need help with your yard planning or garden creation, the experts at Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company can ensure that you have the plans in hand that you need to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We can design and implement your yard improvements for an affordable price.

We can work with any budget, and we are able to create everything from a simple landscaping plan to a complex and fanciful design. We can also help you decide what to do with your yard areas if you are not sure what you need to add to make your landscaping special. Having the vision to plan a complete yard or garden is something that you can trust us to provide every time you reach out to us for assistance. 

Improving and Refreshing Existing Spaces

If you have a yard that is already well-established, but it needs a little pick-me-up, we can help! We will make sure that you can add the right new plants, the perfect new garden beds, or the unique items that you have always dreamed of seeing out your windows. Making existing spaces beautiful is something that we love to do, and you can count on us to have the experience and imagination to create a yard that is truly one-of-a-kind for your enjoyment.

We can even help you out with retaining walls and ornamental spaces that require materials besides plants. We know our way around every aspect of gardening and yard maintenance and have years of experience creating outdoor spaces that our clients love. Contact the team at Stellenberg Property Maintenance Company today to get started designing and upgrading your yard.

Locations We Currently Service:

  • Stellenbosch
  • Somerset West
  • Strand
  • Gordon’s Bay

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